Precision European Optics




                    Y-TAC RETICLE  - TACTICAL USE

Designed as a fast acquisition, low-light ranging reticle, the Y-Tac/R  is intended for  a Designated Marksman’s optic. The variable 2.5-10x42  Optic by  I O R–Bucuresti gives the most flexibility for both short and long distances, with a fixed, second focal plane reticle location, avoiding negative shrinking at low power for point-shooting at close range. This scope is quickest around 3X, with the widest field of view, like a CCO with both eyes open.  The post aiming point is less than 1 minute, or 0.9” thick at 100 yards with the scope reticle and mils synchronized at 10X power, as a Long Range Marksman optic.

Though it is a mil reticle, the Y-Tac is made to quickly range a target’s width by a unique gauge built into the center pointer, resembling the front-sight assembly on M1’s, M14’s or M16 rifles. The “wings” surround the 1 mil tall x 0.25 mil thick aiming post (0.9” at 100 yd) with a total of 10 mil-lines below the post, for holdovers at long range and mil-range-finding.

With sudden multiple targets appearing, and no time for mil’n the math, the wing-gauge of the Y-Tac quickly ranges the distance by outside shoulder-width match with upper points and lower corners of the “wings”: fit at 150 yd and 200 yd on the outer and inner points of the top wings, and bottom wing-corners fitting outside at 300, then 400, and 500 on the inside corners.


( See chart )
The  /R indicates an additional (optional) scale in the lower right f.o.v. which ranges width from 200 to 1000 yds : a vertical line with descending brackets tapering smaller gaps as the range increases.
               (Scale use, Mil-ranging, and Mil Holdovers at 10x)

Using this scale with the corresponding mil-holdover for determined range results in very accurate fire on distant targets of opportunity - or for general carry, urban short range, turn the power down to around 3X for quickfire close in, up to150-200yds, when trajectory is about flat.


The glass is the highest quality from Germany, Schott Glaswerk, part of the Hensoldt – Zeiss Gruppe.  I O R  Bucuresti has been modernized and equipped  by the same since 1975, with the finest machines, technicians, and Lens-coatings developed out of the Carl Zeiss T-3 system.

These Riflescopes so equipped under agreement with I O R Bucuresti, and imported by I O R – Valdada for BW Optic, provide the finest in brightness, resolution, and precision with a reticle-to-target contrast uncommon in tactical optics.


* Excellent low-light ranging, tactical reticle

* 1 mil x 0.25 mil aiming post :    0.9 moa or
   0.9” thick at 100 yards, 0.45” from center to
   edge of post ( less than .5” ) at 100 yards.

* Extremely fast acquisition and centering

* Instant ranging-gauge estimation, at 10X by
              the (B27 target) outside shoulder-width,                     
    or distance from (upper-arm to upper-arm)

* Convert inch path of bullet to mil-holdover
   Hands-free operation, use proper mil-line
   holdover for each range determined, 10X

* Short  range, 3X , wide f.o.v. both eyes open
    and 10X for LR mil ranging & holdovers

* Finest German glass and Lens coatings